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The Business 101 Mentorship program will help you discover the perfect path to achieving your own personal goals, and understand what it means to create a business that supports your lifestyle. It's the perfect way to bring your ideas to life!

Meet the instructor

chante holliday

Hey Friends, I'm Chante'. My life changed the moment I was open to learning new passive forms of income and I know that yours can too. I created my school as an additional learning resource to help my community grow. When I was growing up my options after high school were limited to college, the military, or becoming a statistic. Over time and years spent implementing, I learned that passive income is more than attainable and the key to generational wealth. It's not always easy, but you don't have to work yourself to death. You can learn the skills you need to live the life you want. If I did it you can do it too. In my school, we offer a variety of classes to help you get to where you need to be. It's up to you to take the first step and take action.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction/Overview

    • Course Overview/Objectives:

  • 2

    Module I: Week 1 - Business Foundation / Jumping into Facebook live

    • Module I Overview/Objectives

    • Module I: Week 1 Lesson

    • Module I Assignment

    • Bonus! 365 Day Content Calendar

    • Bonus! Instagram Tips and Hacks

  • 3

    Module II: Week 2 - Learn to Delegate anything you have to do more than once

    • Module II: Week 2 Overview / Objectives

    • Module II: Week 2 Lesson

    • Module II Assignment

    • Bonus! 30 Behavioral Interview Questions to use when hiring your team pdf.

  • 4

    Module III: Week 3 - Create your transparency post & invest in professional business photos

    • Module III: Week III Overview/Objectives

    • Module III: Week 3 Lesson

    • Module III Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! Using Strategic Thinking To Make Your Business Transparent

  • 5

    Module IV: Week 4 - Social Media Marketing

    • Module IV: Week 4 Overview/Objectives

    • Module IV: Week 4 Lesson

    • Module IV Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! How to Turn a Good Social Media Sales Call In To a Great Sales Call

  • 6

    Module V: Week 5 - Pre-Draft Social Media Content

    • Module V Week 5 Overview/Objectives

    • Module V: Week 5 Lesson

    • Module V Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! How Preparing and Predrafting can Help Reinvent Your Business

  • 7

    Module VI: Week 6 - Additional streams of incomes

    • Module VI: Week 6 Module Overview/Objectives

    • Module VI: Week 6 Lesson

    • Module VI Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! How To Get Unlimited Sales in Your Aditional Income Stream

  • 8

    Module VII: Week 7 - Landing Pages Create Landing Pages for your lead magnets (eBook, checklist, free mini-course)

    • Module VII: Week 7 Module Overview/Objectives

    • Module VII: Lesson

    • Module VII Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! Winning the Answers to Creating The Perfect landing Page

  • 9

    Module VIII: Week 8 -Emails and automation

    • Module VIII: Week 8 Module Overview/Objectives

    • Module VIII: Week 8 Lesson

    • Module VIII Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! Using Small Talk to Get Clients Through Email

  • 10

    Module IX: Week 9 - Join Webinar Jam or Evergreen

    • Module IX: Week 9 Module Overview/Objectives

    • Module IX: Week 9 Lesson

    • Module IX Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! Understanding Human Relationship Skills to easily relate with Webinar Viewers

  • 11

    Module X: Week 10 - Hire a Facebook ad specialist to create ads for you doing split A/B testing.

    • Module X: Week 10 Module Overview/ Objectives

    • Module X: Week 10 Lesson

    • Module X Assignment

    • Bonus PDF!How to Talk To Anyone Anytime to help get Your Ads across.

  • 12

    Module XI: Week 11 – Blogging

    • Module XI Week 11 Overview/Objectives

    • Module XI Lesson

    • Bonus PDF! Get Clients Now using your blogging strategy

  • 13

    Module XII: Week 11 - Automate having one YouTube video posted every week

    • Module XII: Week 11 Module Overview/ Objectives

    • Module XII Lesson

    • Bonus PDF! The Business and Practice Of Coaching To HelpYou create Great Content for your channel

  • 14

    Module XIII: Week 12 - Read No Excuses By Brian Tracey and make a video review live on Facebook

    • Module XIII Week 12 Lesson

    • Module XIII Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! Developing Leaders To Help Your Business Grow

  • 15

    Module XIV: Week 13 - Read the Alchemist and make a video review live on Facebook

    • Module XIV: Week 13 Lesson

    • Module XIV Assignment

    • Bonus PDF! 42 Rules For New Business Leader to Help Run their Business Successfully

  • 16

    You did it!!!

    • Congratulations

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100% recommend

by Shanita Dopson

Chante Holliday has saved me so much time and energy. She as well as her HCR staff have answered any questions I may have had in a timely manner and displayed nothing but professionalism and excellent customer service from the start. 100% recommendI would 100% recommend HCR to anyone wanting to scale their business by offering additional services to customers.

HCR was amazing

by T G

HCR was amazing! Chante answered my questions quickly! This is going to save me so much time! If you value your time and want professional courses, HCR is the place!

HCR is a lifesaver

DAdvantage Enterprise, LLC

HCR is a lifesaver. This saved me time, the customer service is excellent. If your schedule is as busy as mine please go check out courses and let them help you grow your business.